Anti Theft Alarm System 2

System configuration

(1) The business hall were installed on a US DS820 Sanjian detector on both sides of the door, and install a Japanese KTK company vibration sensor in the ATM machine, a Three detectors in ATM room.
(2) Installed a siren in business hall and operating room outside were.
(3) In the business area under the staff table, the director of the room were installed emergency button and foot-pick emergency button.
(4) In the control center set up a US C & K238 alarm host. And the alarm signal into the monitoring system screen divider alarm input port, resulting in networking of alarm system and monitoring system. When the alarm signal input, system will be linked to the camera, and the alarm screen will displayed on the monitor.
(5) Install four spotlights in the operating room. The alarm system can immediately turn on the spotlights, linkage camera and VCR video.
(6) The alarm system link with the alarm center 110 and the police station.

Anti Theft Alarm System 2

Other functions of system control

Event Collection Processing:
All kinds of alarms and related information will be sent to the control center computer for analysis and processing (automatic and manual response) and archiving. And real-time dynamic monitoring; prompt command prompt; automatic and manual device control; real-time display alarm location (map function).

System management monitoring:
All the equipments of the system are supervised and managed by the central computer, and the system is set up, maintained and monitored.

Database management:
All events and information in the system are automatically stored in the computer database, the operator has no right to change, so that it can form a complete and objective log files for inspection, statistics, case analysis, job performance appraisal, events responsibility analysis. Easy to distinguish between blame, improve the sense of responsibility of employees.

Command and Supervision Center:
Pre-set on the various types of events in the emergency procedures process. The operator of computer prompts center command, supervision the relevant departments’ action and record into the log.

system works

The system through the keyboard to start the alarm host, and enter into the guard state. If someone illegally enter the zone, it will trigger the indoor three detector and the system will detect and confirm the alarm signal (alarm), then the signal shall be sent to the control panel and give out the alarm to prevent. The staff enter the system simply by disarming the anti-theft system (disarm), then the zone detector is temporarily closed. When it encounter robbery, press the emergency button or the corresponding emergency device to the security monitoring center for help, the host will sent the original set of the address code and alarm category to the alarm center (110, the police station) by telephone line. Alarm center computer detected and identified the received data , take the the relevant information out from database, display police intelligence information and the relevant information about location.

Besides, the alarm host of the control center automatically detects the front work of the alarm system from time to time. The signal interruption or control system failure can automatically prompted and print out the region of the system where occurred failure. The system can be 24 hours trouble-free operation to ensure the safety of your society. At the same time the alarm information linkage closed-circuit monitoring system switches camera image near the the alarm scene   to monitor and activate video recorder for video.

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