Bank Closed Circuit TV Monitor

With the needs of modern management and development, closed-circuit television monitoring system is now widely used in modern management tools. It can inform the maintenance and security personnel the situation in the form of images, text management at the first time, so as to respond quickly and effectively. The entire process of the incident will be record to provide practical basis for dealing with the accident.

Bank Closed Circuit TV Monitor

The credit association of closed-circuit television monitoring burglar alarm project, an important security management project, will play an important role in your community property security and internal business management. In view of the importance of the project, we strive to achieve the advanced nature, reliability, practicality and expansibility of the system in the program design. So that rigorous system design, rational distribution, the correct arrangements for television surveillance camera parts, equipment selection and reasonable are realized. At the same time reflects the following principles:

* Rigorous system design
* science and meticulous selection of equipment
* System selection is reasonable

We design the program for the scene of the actual situation, using advanced technology, cost-effective equipment. The key parts equipment are used which are made in the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries of the brand-name products. The rest of the auxiliary equipment is a joint venture products. The scientific combination of these devices and integration result in the rational distribution of the program, taking care of the whole, highlighting the key parts. The system is simple, easy maintenance, high system reliability.

Design Overview

According to requirements, the important parts configure camera monitoring and alarm devices, which in the centralized control of the central control unit and achieve system-wide integrated control, synchronous switching, video, alarm linkage and other functions. It provide necessary audio-visual materials for security and management decision-making.

The whole system is divided into front-end monitoring equipment, central control equipment, and transmission cables.

The front part is configured with corresponding camera and burglar alarm detector, which unified management and controlled by the central control host through the bus system to achieve the organic integration of the entire system integration.

Closed - circuit television monitoring system

1 front-end configuration
According to the requirements of your company, install the camera in the business hall, business counters, outside the gate.(a total of 16 cameras installed) See plan layout for detailed distribution plan .

2 central control
(PELCO) CM6700 matrix is the system-wide control center. Main control through a keyboard with three 15 "color monitor, three hard disk video recorders and process control, segmentation, video the front 16 control point screen.

3 points control
The system has two sub-control points, each with a sub-control keyboard and a 15 "color monitor, front-end camera can be arbitrarily switch the screen and control the global camera rotation.
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