Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 1

CCTV surveillance system is a cross-sectoral integrated security system which uses the world's most advanced sensing technology, security monitoring technology, communications technology and computer technology to form a multi-functional intelligent processing system for all-round monitoring. CCTV monitoring system can give the most direct visual and auditory experience as well as the visible, real-time and objective record toward the object being monitored.

Closed-circuit monitoring system provides monitoring and control of distance. According to the national technical specifications, the system should allow users tune any screen at any time and remote operate any camera by security cameras, TV monitors, video recorders (or hard disk video recorders) and screen processors. Closed-circuit monitoring system generally consists of three parts: front-end equipment, transmission parts, back-end equipment (including control equipment and display equipment).

The main component of the closed-circuit monitoring system: the camera of image acquisition or imaging device, image transmission and control equipment, image processing and display equipment. Closed-circuit television monitoring system technical requirements are: the clarity of the camera, the system's transmission bandwidth, video signal SNR, TV signal system, the higher quality and operational functions that camera can achieve and the environment adaption degree of various parts of the system.

Office closed-circuit monitoring system program, the building closed-circuit monitoring system program, the building closed-circuit monitoring system program mainly use the form of analog in various industries in China.

Its main features are: the system uses matrix host control and uses long-time analog video recorder for video and playback through the TV wall monitoring front-end goals.

The main drawback: when the video data needs a long time to backup, you need a lot of video tapes and consume a lot of manpower and material resources. The video playback search operation is not convenient. Therefore, based on digital storage technology, hard disk video system has been fully mature and successfully solve the problem of traditional image storage and playback and other technical problems after several years of development.
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