Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 2

With low storage cost and high efficiency, Digital hard disk video recording system also has the advantages of network transmission, remote transmission, circulation storage and so on. At the same time, the advanced technologies of hard disk video recording system about digital and transmission network can be linked with the burglar alarm system networking, which can feedback on-site information timely and accurately and provide sufficient and reliable basis for the alarm event.

Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 2


A complete closed-circuit television monitoring system consists of front-end audio and video data acquisition equipment, transmission media, monitoring equipment and terminal monitoring equipment components. The surveillance area can be monitored in real time by installing a fixed camera or omni-directional camera in the monitoring area. Through the transmission line, signal collected by the camera will be sent to the image distributor or amplifier, and then passed to the monitor to achieve a comprehensive monitoring of the surveillance area.

Front-end equipment:

It refers to the system front-end audio and video information acquisition equipment. The operator obtain the necessary sound, images and alarm needs monitored information through the front-end equipment. System front-end equipment includes cameras, lenses, head, decoding controller and alarm detectors.

Transmission medium:

The information collected by the front-end equipment are transmitted to the control equipment and terminal equipment transmission channel. Video cable, power cable and signal cable are generally used. Generally speaking, the video signal is transmitted by coaxial video cable. and it can also be transmitted by optical fiber, microwave and twisted pair.

Control equipment:

It is the most important part of the whole system which plays a coordinating role in the operation of the entire system. It is through the control of equipment to obtain the required monitoring functions. To meet the needs of different monitoring purposes, the control device mainly comprises an audio and video matrix switching controller, a control keyboard, an alarm controller and an operation console.

Terminal equipment:

It is a kind of device which integrate  the sound, images, alarms and other information catched by the system and display them in a variety of ways. The system display the most direct visual and auditory sensation, as well as the visibility, real-time and objectivity record by the terminal device. The system terminal equipment mainly includes the monitor, the video recorder and so on.
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