The Composition Of Closed Circuit Monitoring System

Now, closed-circuit monitoring system are equipped at schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets and other places for security which as a high-tech measures can not only prevent accidents, but also take the appropriate action after the accident.

The Composition Of Closed Circuit Monitoring System

The Composition of Closed Circuit Monitoring System

Front-end + transmission + terminal = closed-circuit monitoring system

The role of the front end like the eyes which is used to obtain the monitor screen. The general tools are cameras, encoders, PTZ, lens, dust cover and other components. The transmission process is to get the front-end information and convey to the terminal equipment, which generally includes feeder, video amplifier, video cable compensator and so on. Terminal is the monitor, recording equipment, which act as a terminal processor role for collecting the information, recording, and reserving for backup.

The function of each part

Camera is one of the most important equipment of the whole system, which obtain the screen and convert the image and sound into a video signal. Then the sufficient information collected by the camera can transfer to other equipment.

What is the role of the lens? Lens have a very important role in many places. Mobile phones and cameras also have the same lens. The information need to be collected can be formed in to a high-definition image by the lens. There is no way to get enough high-definition image without the lens.

The presence of the pan allows the camera to rotate 360 degrees, which is like a hand holding a camera to turn around.

The shield is used to protect the other composition. With the shield installed outdoor, you need not to worry about the damage of camera and the lens caused by external damage. It can also be installed in the room to prevent dust.

Encoder is equivalent to the role of the overall front-end control which is used to control the front equipment to get enough information by integrating the camera, lens, PTZ as a whole.

A monitor is used to display information as the terminal equipment. It displays the collected information on a monitor, allowing people to observe it.

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