Main Equipment Of CCTV Camera Security System

1. Camera: In the security system, the camera is at the forefront of the system, it will change the optical image of the object into electrical signal - video signal, provides a signal source for the system, so it is one of the most important equipment in the system.

2. Camera lens: The function of the camera's optical lens is to focus the image of the object being observed on the CCD sensor. The image produced on the sensor will be the inverted image of the object, and there will be the clear images in the center and edge.

3. PTZ: It can be used in conjunction with the camera to achieve the purpose of moving up and down, left and right. Expand the scope of surveillance of a camera, while tracking object and shooting in a certain range. This improves the practical value of the camera.

Main Equipment Of CCTV Camera Security System

4. Dust cover and bracket, decoder: The role of dust cover is used to protect the camera and lens from harmful gases such as dust and human intentional damage and other environmental conditions.
Decoder is used to complete bus control of the camera lens and all-around PTZ.
The brackets are used to support the camera during installation and to connect the camera to an auxiliary component on the mounting site.

5. Monitor: The monitor is the terminal display device of the TV monitoring system. The state of the whole system should be reflected in the monitor screen.

6. Signal transmission: When the monitoring site is near the control center, use video images and control signals adopt the direct transmission method. When the distance is far, use radio frequency, microwave, or optical transmission.

7. Control equipment and monitoring equipment in control center:
(1) Video signal distribution amplifier;
(2) Matrix (video signal switcher);
(3) Terminal controller (operation keyboard);
(4) Alarm expansion printer;
(5) Character generator, elevator floor overlay display;
(6) Terminal decoder;
(7) Terminal controller;
(8) Multi-screen segmentation;
(9) Video motion detector;
(10) Isolated earth loop transformers;
(11) Valuation and control cabinet
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