Optical Fiber Monitoring Installation Guide

Network camera is relatively simple to install. Fix the network camera and connect with the router by network cable. The router must be able to be link to the external network. And then use a computer as monitor. And follow the manufacturer manual to set it properly. This is generally used in home or a small supermarket. However, to install the analog camera is more troublesome with more inputs cost. It is generally used in large factories.

Fiber Monitoring Installation Guide

1. Before arrange the camera, you should first decide where the camera need to be fixed. The fixed position of the camera is very important. And what kind of camera are you ready to purchase according to the camera parameters of effective distance.

2. The requirements of the monitor host is generally not high. But taking into account of the issue that it need to be on monitoring for 24-hour, the chassis must be large and the host power must be strong with ventilation.

3. The hard disk of the monitor must be large, at least 1TB, for  the size of your video depends on the shooting clarity of camera. You can set the monitoring software according to the instructions or allow manufacturers to help you set up. You can buy the server's hard drive which is of good quality.

4. You need to purchase video capture card for monitoring console. The number of capture cards according to the number of your camera. Video capture card should be installed in the PCI slot with the driver installed.

5. The wiring of monitoring is also very important. Generally coaxial cable is advised to buy. What’s more, you’d better  consider the factor of long-term use, wind-resistance waterproof-resistance and anti-electromagnetic interference.
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