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IP Camera Dome

IP Camera Dome is the perfect combination of ordinary spherical high speed cloud technology and infrared night vision technology. It solved the previous problem of installation of an independent external infrared light source, which has the shortcomings of high cost, poor night vision effect, ball cover reflection. IP camera oem installation is simple. Its monitoring scope is big, no monitoring blind angle.You can also adjust the direction of the camera and monitor objects of different distances, ip camera dome is the future development trend of the camera.
As a china ip camera manufacturer, CCTVMAN always provide customers with high performance ip camera dome in cost-effective price. It is now widely used in parks, schools, residential quarters, prisons, factories, government agencies, railway station, bus station and other places. It is a strong guarantee to maintain social stability and protect the safety of people's property and lives, the first choice to the construction of safe city and harmonious society.